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Benefits of Flower Essences

Posted on June 5, 2016 at 2:15 PM

Plants have been used for their healing properties for over 3,000 years. Herbs are used as teas, tinctures and salves, some plants are used for their healing properties from their oils topically or even ingested. Sometimes pulp or sap is taken straight from the plant such as Aloe to address various skin issues, such as burns.


Flower Essences was pioneered by Dr. Bach back in the 1930’s, which later became known as Bach Remedies. Dr. Bach was born in 1886 and studied medicine and it was in the early 1900’s where he became more involved with homeopathic and alternative medicine after serving as a medical officer in WWI.


Flower Essences falls under vibrational medicine, similar to other practices, for example Reiki, Aromatherapy, Qigong, and Chromo-therapy (color and light) to name a few. The basic premise is that these practices as well as others believe that all matter and energy in the universe vibrate at their own particular frequencies. It is believed that disease cannot exist in higher frequencies therefore, it is believed that disease or ‘dis-ease’ is cause by the disturbance in the flow of energy. And, so by using remedies that operate at a higher frequency disease or ‘dis-ease’ can be treated.


Why some people choose Flower Essences for their healing:


• Stress


• Depression


• Emotional Issues


• Addictions


• Motivation


• Emergency Situations


• Feeling Blocked


• Overwhelmed


• And, more…


Most Flower Essences are not designed for long term use, however, are there to help address certain times in your life that need some emotional healing. Long term emotional issues can lead to physical issues. Once you remove the emotional issues the physical issues go away.


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