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Natural Lee

Wellness Through Education and Service

A little about Dr. Jamie Lee (A Doctor of Natural Medicine)

Jamie M. Lee founded Natural Lee in 2009 with a passion of providing over all health and wellness through education and service.  In 2011 she started the New London Healing Arts Center a Practitioner Cooperative bringing other like minded practitioners focused on education, services and raising awareness in natural health and healing. In 2016 working with other like minded practitioners formed Life Naturally, a non profit organization focusing on a holistic and natural approach to addressing behavioral and mental dis-ease in both children and adults.  Later in 2018 formed A Healing Center in partner with Natural Lee and other practitioners.  

Jamie is dedicated to serving the community and is a board member to Sails Up for Cancer, a non profit organization dedicated to helping those who are struggling financially.  In addition, she sits on the board for other non-profits GGRC, dedicated to building communities, ECCGA (Eastern Connecticut Community Gardens), dedicated to creating lasting and sustainable solutions for increasing regional food security.

Jamie M. Lee is a DNM and IMD a complementary practitioner focusing on overall health and well-being, which includes mind, body and spirit. Her clients are cared for from a holistic approach to health; working with complementary therapies for balance in mind, body and spirit.  

After already receiving her Bachelors from University of LaVerne and Masters in Science from RPI, she decided it was time to get a degree from University of Natural Medicine so she could further help people through service and education.

Board Certified as a Consultant of Natural Medicine with the American Council of Holistic Medicine. Jamie is also a Reiki Master Teacher (voted best Reiki Practitioner and Teacher two years in a row for Southeastern CT), Certified Raindrop Therapist, Certified Iridologist, Spiritual Counselor, Certified in Flower Essences as well as Ilahinoor Practitioner, Deeksha Blesser, Shaman, and Ordained Minister. 

Jamie's goal is to help raise awareness of natural health and healing through education and service.

"Education in its truest sense means helping an individual along the path to the Self... In this way, education is no longer purely a transfer of information, but an evocation of the 'universal human being'." 

~Piero Ferrucci (author: What We May Be)

*Disclaimer:  Services are designed to be integrated with conventional medicine.  Services are not designed to replace medical treatment.  We recommend working with your primary care physician as you integrate complementary therapies in your overall health and wellness.