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Natural Lee

Wellness Through Education and Service

Spiritual Growth and Counseling

Spiritual counseling is to help you along your path to spiritual growth.  One thing we do not do as part of our sessions is pray!  The objective is to help you overcome obstacles, finding purpose and sometimes putting pain and grief into perspective.  The path is not the same for everyone.  Sometimes it may involve other modalities. So each session is tailored to the persons individual needs.

Life, Health & Nutritional Coaching

My approach to coaching is about making life style changes that meets your needs.  Whether it is life, health or nutritional counseling it is a journey we take together. We address all your dietary concerns emotionally, physically and spiritually. We work on foods, supplements and natural approaches to address areas in your life that are of concern. You are welcomed into a warm inviting, non-judgmental environment and cared for as an individual with individual needs and concerns. I’m often asked what type of diet should I have, and I respond as it’s not that simple. There are billions of people on this planet and there will be a billion different approaches to diet. There are no two exact diets. That’s where health and nutritional coaching comes in. Ask about a FREE 15 minute consultation to see if this is right for you.

*Initial Session = $75 / Additional or Follow Up Sessions = $55

*Sliding scales considered

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